Liquid Smoking™ 250 Ml. 8,45 FL OZ Beverage in Can

LS™ is a unique and new  product based on the latest trend in alternatives of the feel from smoking. Initially it gives a mild stimulating effect just like the relaxed feeling after smoking your cigarette followed by a euphoric sense of calming and relaxation.

No smoke in the eyes, no tar in the lungs,  contains no nicotine.

Liquid Smoking™ is the opposite of the Energy drinks, a big market category in drink products. The relaxation trend is winning fast market share.

UDBC brings a new and unique  quality product, in design, taste and product USP.

The herbal relaxing drink compliments the relaxing way of life in Amsterdam where the beverage was created.Packed in both a 50 ml mini bottle "this low calorie beverage (less than 20 Calories per can) is available in an exciting and eye catching package. LS™ is a great mixer with alcoholic drinks or delicious by it self straight out of the bottle.
Liquid Smoking™ RelaxX till the MaxX”